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Like it or not politics is a continuously running game, and the first primary of the 2016 Presidential election will be here before we know it. If politics annoys you than you are probably saying “it’s a year away why are we talking about this?” However, if you are a political junkie than your mindset is more likely “it’s less than a year away and there is a lot to be done!”

Rumors and innuendo are a dime a dozen, but if they are true than the field for the Republican nominee for President is stacking up to be quite a showdown. To date stories have been run that include names like Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker forming exploratory committees. On Friday Mitt Romney formally announced he won’t seek the nomination thinning the crowd, but only a little. Though they have not made any official comments, there are also big names like Rubio, Paul, Christie, Jindal and Perry. And don’t discount the possibility of dark horse candidates that might pop up. With all the possibilities who is the best? Which candidate will the party pick? And who will the people support?

Each potential candidate has achieved outstanding accomplishments in their own right. But accomplishments do not always translate into party backing or Election Day votes in the political arena. It has been suggested by bloggers that Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is the favorite of the GOP establishment due to his ability to win three races as a Republican in a traditionally blue state. Additionally Gov. Walker has battled and won some tough showdowns with the Left in his home state. The big question still remains: would voters rally around him.

One of the problems the GOP has faced in recent general elections has been the ability to rally all Republican support. In each of the last two Presidential Elections a significant section of the party sat home. Despite a sweeping mandate in the November mid-terms, you cannot ignore the fact that voter turnout will be higher in a Presidential election, and the DNC will get their people to the polls. Therefore, the principal challenge in the less than two years that lie ahead will not be finding someone to run, but finding the unifying candidate to run.

The field is full of pro-bowlers, and the primaries will certainly be Super Bowl-esque. However, there are two halves to this game: the party needs to listen to the actual voters and the voters need to realize that no one person will meet every expectation. The big picture is what is most important, and despite our two party system most Americans do not fit perfectly into either camp.

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